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Letter to the President and Secretary of State Concering the Iranian Threat

Mr. President,

I would like you to reconsider your stance, or lack thereof, on Iran.  It is crystal clear to the American people and people worldwide that the Iranian regime has no concern for sanctions, diplomacy or talks.  Time has been spent and is now of the essence.  You have an obligation, not only to our greatest ally, Israel, but to your OWN constituents (!) to protect us from the genocide that the leaders of Iran have voiced without hesitation over and over.  Their message has NOT changed.  I beg you, Mr. President, to take ACTION NOW.  If we saw evidence of a change in rhetoric, attitude, or mindset negotiations could continue.  I KNOW, sir, that you do not want innocent blood on your hands with apathy and a lack of direction and firm standing against this regime.  Please do not forget that Hitler for years, made his intent clear to the public and we sat idylly by while millions of innocent lives were exterminated.  Your people NEED you to clearly state, under no uncertain terms that time is up and we will use ALL measures, including military action to stop the Iranian Regime from building nuclear weapons.  You have a duty to the American people and the leader of the free world, to prevent the suffering of millions of people.  Please, the time is now and CANNOT wait!!!!  Israel does NOT want a war!  The Iranian civilians do NOT want a war.  We MUST take out their nuclear capabilities before the Iranian regime uses WMD’s on Israel, America, his OWN people, or other allies in the region. Further, I know you understand that not only Israelis and Americans are in direct threat, but Palestinians and Arabs who LIVE in Israel! Please do not take the defensive measure.  We can’t afford, literally, a disaster of epic porportions to take place!!  We must lead and take offensive measures since they will not back down.  The longer you wait – the closer we are – the more lives that will be lost.

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Israel Joins Tea Party Movement

October 29, 2010 4 comments
Hear ye!  Hear ye! The outcry for freedom is goin’ global! 


Recently, it was announced that Israel, inspired by the American conservative Tea Party Movement, has decided to join the fight against the dominating Obama administration policies. In particular, the administration’s continued “strong objection” to apartment construction, so- called, “settlements.” 

“We believe President Obama is trying to force us to do things that most Israelis believe are very dangerous,” Mr Kleiner said. “We are being blackmailed to sacrifice our security and vital interests by another country, which is unprecedented…We also believe Netanyahu is crumbling and is going to give in on the [settlement] freeze.”

While peace talks have stalled due to the expiration of the self-imposed settlement freeze, many Israeli’s, most notably members of Netanyahu’s Likud party, are committed to the sovereignty of the state of Israel.  

The idea that “land for peace” will eventually pacify Palestinians is an ongoing joke.  The forsaking of the Gaza strip and the Golan Heights has proven time and time again that Arabs will not accept the Jewish state.  The violence and rockets continue.  Unfortunately, so often, Israel’s leaders, in desperation, resort back to the inducement that, perhaps, a little more land will finally satiate the Palestinians. 

Now there is just a sliver of land left.  At Israel’s widest point it expands a mere 71 miles, east to west., at the smallest point, a mere 9 miles.  North to South, it’s longest length is 263 miles.  Physically, Israel is about 8% smaller than New Jersey, and 2% larger than Massachusetts. It would fit into the USA about 440 times.  However, the country boasts a population of 7.4 million inhabitants, a flourishing economy, and a vast range of international exports.

Barack Obama and his administration spend time brainstorming about how they can manipulate and force Binyamin Netanyahu to hand Jerusalem over on a silver platter despite the fact that THEY AREN’T JEWISH OR ISRAELIS!  Hello??

So, let’s paint this pretty picture.  Suddenly Russia decides that they are going to call the shots (highly plausible) and they decide that part of New York should belong to Canada.  And since no one has come to an agreement about what should belong to the US and what belongs to Canada, any Manhattan apartments, luxury town homes, or project housing that are built are considered “unlawful” and a “violation of peace”.  Would our government tolerate that? I think not. Or how about this scenario:  Suddenly Mexico thinks they own Texas.  Many of those living on the Mexican-Texan border begin illegally crossing and creating chaos and violence toward the Americans.  Would our government tolerate that? Oh, right…uh…hmm…

 Israel is feeling increasingly isolated and shunned.  Though a maniacal dictator continues threats of extinction, feverishly working to back those threats, the majority of the world sits on their hands.  A country that is just above 8000 square miles waits, hopes, and prays.  Her “friends” have all but abandoned her.  Her closest ally currently holds a president who speaks of “an unbreakable bond” in a darling, media stunt and then condemns with words that haven’t been used, even for the madman who waits to assault them with nuclear weapons. 

Thus, the conservatives in Israel see the rally for freedom within America and see hope.  Not from Mr. Hope and Change, but from the people within. You see, the Tea Party movement is more than just about American issues.  It’s about standing for what is right, what is rational, and what is true.  Freedom is not a national issue, it’s an international issue.  This world is teetering on a precipice from which it may not recover.  The American people must demand our “leaders” quit pretending we are in some psychotic form of Monopoly™ where the paper money never ends and the players are just little metallic pawns. 

 The world is watching us.. Not the western world.  The entire world.   Every nation and culture is hinged upon what will happen hereWhat happens in the United States of America ripples through all oceans, touching each land on every continent.  We have an obligation not only to ourselves and our democracy, but to the international community to stand and exercise our right to tell our leaders who we are and who we want to be as a nation.  All eyes are upon the red, white, and blue.  Some, wondering if we will continue to allow this nation to plummet or if we will take back the reins and steer it back on course. 

The outcome will gives someone more power –

The politicians?

The maniacal dictators?

Or the free world?

 It’s our decision.

“New US-Israeli Crisis Looms, More Flotillas on the way to Gaza” by Chris Shang

New US-Israeli Crisis Looms, More Flotillas on the way to Gaza
Chris Schang

The Israeli media outlets are reporting that the Israelis are planning to remove 22 illegally built Arab homes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan in order to make way for a new tourist center. This recent announcement has been met with outrage from the Palestinians and the international community who foresee East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state supposedly living side by side in peace with Israel. Israel National News is reporting:

Another crisis between the Netanyahu and Obama administrations looms over housing in Jerusalem, this time because of Jerusalem’s plan to wreck 22 illegally built Arab homes to make way for an archaeological park. The Jerusalem municipality proposal also calls for making legal 66 other Arab buildings built without permits.The U.S. State Department said Monday afternoon it is “concerned” over the plan that “we think undermines the trust that is fundamental in making progress to the proximity talks and ultimately in direct negotiations.” Chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat called on foreign countries to “halt these dangerous steps [that] prove that Israel has decided to destroy the indirect talks” with the Palestinian Authority.

As we can see from the INN report these 22 Arab housing units were “illegally” built yet the world expects the law of Israel to be ignored for their own agenda. I can tell you that in America if you build a home without the proper permits they will tell you to tear down the building. And they don’t care how much it costs either. You either have the right permits or you don’t. It’s that simple. But lo and behold, the hypocrites in the international community are obviously willing to overlook this “minor” detail that the housing units which were built illegally and therefore are demanding that Israel not carry out the demolition of these housing projects. I find this very hypocritical and smacking of anti-semitism which is nothing new as it relates to the international community’s views towards Israel. The international community apparently thinks they own Israel and can dictate at their leisure whatever outrageous demands they want to make at any given time. For me, I personally think the Israelis should be giving the international community the “boot” when they come around with such nonsense.

Israel for their part knows that over the past 7-8 months the Palestinians have made no attempt to move seriously on “proximity” talks with Israel which is the reason the Jewish building in Jerusalem was halted in order to show “confidence building steps” towards the Palestinians. Personally, I believe this is all a waste of time and Israel has not benefited at all by this housing freeze. The reason the Israelis have not benefited is that the Palestinians have done nothing to improve the overall Middle East peace plan. The Palestinians continue to make outrageous demands like borders on pre-1967 lines, the return of refugees, not recognizing Israel’s right to exist, etc. This “peacemaking” with the Palestinians is simply a waste of time and money as nothing is being accomplished. I personally think the Israelis should walk away from this farce and do as they please in their own country. Israel is the land of the Jews and therefore it should be the Jews who decide what to do in their own country. We Americans certainly don’t allow foreigners to dictate to us what we are going to do in our country. Why should we expect any different from Israel?

This historical revisionism and delegitimization of Israel has got to stop. If not, there will be no end to the amount of silliness that the international community and Palestinians demand towards Israel. The Obama administration has shown they have not a clue as to what to do in the Middle East. They have done nothing more than any other administration and in fact have even made the situation worse by the recent spat between Obama and Netanyahu when Obama treated the Israeli leader like a rogue third world dictator. I have seen better treatment of Lebanese PM Hariri and other leaders than that which was bestowed upon Netanyahu. This is one of the reasons why Congress rebuked Obama and his little anti-semitic minions who are crawling all around the White House. It’s time the anti-semitism in the White House was exterminated once and for all. And perhaps that “extermination” will take place in November with the upcoming mid-term U.S. elections.

In other news, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that a Lebanese “aid” flotilla that was supposed to take off from Lebanon and break the “siege” in Gaza has finally been given permission to depart. However, the ships will head to Cypress first as it is currently against U.N. resolutions for ships to go to Israeli waters directly from Lebanon. The Jerusalem Post is reporting:

Another blockade-busting ship with activists and aid on board could be bound for Gaza within a few days after Lebanese authorities granted permission Monday for it to sail first to Cyprus.”We have been granted permission to go to Cyprus and we are now in the process of making final preparations,” said Yasser Kashlak, a Syrian of Palestinian origin who heads the group organizing the trip— the Free Palestine Movement. Organizers said the ship plans to sail in the next few days, but did not give an exact date for departure because of security concerns.


Lebanon has given permission for another flotilla to leave Tripoli for Gaza, according to a Beirut minister quoted by an-Nahar Monday morning. Lebanese Transport Minister Ghazi Aridi said the ship named Julia is now docked at the northern Lebanese port of Tripoli and can set sail once it is cleared by port authorities there. He said the ship would be allowed to sail to Cyprus and not directly to Gaza in order to abide by UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which calls for a full cessation of hostilities by both Lebanon and Israel and forbids any paramilitary activity south of the Litani River.Aridi said the voyage of the ship, the French-registered Julia, would not violate the terms of the cease-fire resolution. To clear the confusion over the latest Gaza flotilla initiative, Aridi added that while the ship was named Julia, the voyage itself was named Mariam. He stressed that Lebanon’s government would take full responsibility over the ship’s course, its cargo and the female activists – both foreign and Lebanese – on board.

Israeli UN ambassador Gabriela Shalev warned Friday that the attempt by the organizers to sail from Lebanon and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza could escalate tensions and affect peace and security in the region. She cited in particular the ships’ departure from Lebanon which “remains in a state of hostility with Israel.” She also cited “a possible link” between the organizers and the Shiite Muslim Hizbullah group.

As we can see the Lebanese are hard at work in trying to pull off a Gaza blockade ban. These Lebanese ships are in addition to the ones that are coming from Iran. However, the latests reports are that the Iranians ships are experiencing delays and have not yet left port. An Israel National News article reports on the Iranian flotilla:

Iran has backed down for the second time in two weeks on the attempt to launch two ships to Gaza, two days after the United States and Israel sent a dozen warships through the Suez Canal and towards a possible confrontation. The American government also had called on Egypt not to allow the Iranian ships to enter the Suez Canal.


Iranian Red Crescent youth wing director Mohammed Javad Jafarian said “no definite” date has been set for departure of the ships to Hamas-controlled Gaza. Last week, Iran backed down from its threat to send “voluntary” marines for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to board the boats and defend them against any attempt by Israel to intercept them enrooted to Gaza.

It would seem that with all the flotillas coming in over the next week or so, the Lebanese flotilla expected by this weekend, that the Israelis will have their hands full on the high seas. In fact, another news report from YNetNews is reporting that the same commandos who intercepted the first Turkish flotilla will be in charge of handling the Lebanese flotilla. This should be interesting as I would not expect that the Israelis will show up with paintball guns this time. Even though the ships supposedly only carry “female” passengers and activists. The current delegitimization campaign against Israel is in full swing. The YNetNews article reports:

The Lebanese flotilla has been green-lighted, and the IDF is already preparing to intercept the vessels as they make their way to the Gaza Strip over the weekend. The army said the same commandos who took part in the deadly raid on the Turkish ship in late May will also be called to stop the Lebanese vessels. “We are preparing for several scenarios. It is not yet clear which boats, if any, will make their way towards Gaza or who will be on board. In any case, we will prevent any vessel from reaching Gaza,” an IDF official said Monday.

The IDF and Israel Navy has carried out an investigation of the previous flotilla situation and have identified areas of mistakes that were centered around intelligence errors and the misjudgments of what the commandos would expect to see when they boarded the Turkish ships. The IDF and Israeli Navy have promised that the commandos will be ready this time to confront any situation that they encounter. While the Israeli government has loosened the blockade on Gaza to allow in more humanitarian goods, the Israeli military is thinking that this could spark an increase in more ships being sent to try to break the Gaza blockade. This is a deadly serious situation that demands that we continue to watch the situation on the ground as it develops.

In regards to the possibility of a looming crisis with the U.S. over the East Jerusalem razing of 22 illegal housing units, it is too early to say what will happen in that situation. With U.S. President Obama constantly absorbed by the ongoing BP oil spill crisis, it does not appear that we will see a repeat of the previous East Jerusalem housing spat. However, only time will tell what happens. For students of Bible prophecy, we need to keep an eye open on the situation with the flotillas as they could be the fuse that sets off the prophetic fulfillments of the Psalm 83 and possibly Isaiah 17 scenarios. It doesn’t take much to see that the situation is explosive. One wrong move and things could really boil over pretty fast. In addition to the flotilla crisis, we should keep an eye on the growing military assets being placed in the vicinity of Iran. As we mentioned in the last Rapture Report, it is clear that time is definitely running out for dealing with Iran on a military front should they continue to race toward the atomic finish line.

Until next time, stay tuned!

God bless.

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