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All the Pretty Little Horses in Pink Ribbons


Feminists squeeze the life out of breast-cancer awareness.

Apparently, calls for rejoicing were a few moments too soon.  About a twenty-four hour period, too soon, to be exact.  It took less than a full day for the venom coated, teeth baring to ensue.  How swiftly they ran, tails between their legs, whimpering all the way home!  Wildly ironic is the commitment to empowering and educating women.  Banners and ribbons, t-shirts and key chains all proclaim the “I am women, hear me roar!” motif.  Yet, Susan G. Komen has bowed to political pressure.

Where there seemed to be a glimpse of rationality, common sense went up in a puff of pink smoke.

I’ve long been cynical about little pink ribbons that adorn everything from golf balls to port-a-potties.  What began as a worthy cause, has been trampled upon, recycled and spewed forth as a campaign for feminism and abortion rights.  Soft pink used to adorn the cradles of newborn, little girls.  Pink then progressed to a sweet, simple message for all women who have been touched by breast cancer.  Today, they’ve been high-jacked by extreme, liberal, feminists who claim their rights to murder anyone under a moment old.  Cross the poisonous political lines they’ve carefully candy coated, and they will wipe your name out of existence.  Thus, when the charity had a moment of clear thinking – “Maybe, our campaign for promoting the lives of women is conflicting with Planned Parenthood’s commitment to killing babies (half are little women) isn’t quite cohesive,” the rabid, feministas came out ready to eviscerate Susan G. Komen.

Picture the Wicked Witch of the West to the doe-eyed Dorothy, “I’ll get you my pretty!  And your little DOG too!”

Screw individual convictions!  Empowerment of women? Yup, trash that too!

“They’ve breached the exit out of the dungeon!  Guards!  Quick!  Release the wolves!”

Oh, the wolves attacked and poor, spineless, little Susan retreated.  That sad, white flag was unpacked and raised – after only 24 hours.  In case you didn’t even get the NEWS in that amount of time.  The Susan G. Komen foundation, the premier charity for breast cancer awareness and fundraising (or used to be, once upon a time) finally decided to break ties and cut Planned Parenthood loose from their organization.  Planned Parenthood, the ruse organization that claims to provide health options for women all the while cashing in on their latest crop (human children in uteuro), was accepting hundreds of thousands in funds raised by the charity.  Just a day ago, Komen, cited, scientific support that links abortion with breast cancer, as reason for dropping the death mongers.

Morality and a sense of decency were abandoned at the inception of Planned Parenthood, but it seems now they hate science, too. 

Go figure.

So what happens when a spoiled child gets their favorite pink lollypop taken away? They throw a tantrum, curse and spit, and make loaded threats!

I guess little Susie actually did shake in her little pink laced boots.  So, before the sun set on all the pretty little horses and Susie got her toys all taken away, she recanted and put Planned Parenthood back in good standing.

“No more growling, PLEASE!!!  We can’t HANDLE anymore of your senseless, mindless saber-rattling!”

All is well again in Nursery land of all the widdle girls.  Cue the lullabies…

COME ON!  Is that all it takes??  Some loose-cannon, liberal bloggers who use language that would embarrass a sailor? Are you KIDDING me??  What ever happened to “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”?

I hate to say it, but Susan G. Komen, MAN UP for crying out loud!


For other excellent commentary and facts click here (CAUTION: Images which may be disturbing to viewers regarding abortion and breast cancer.  Scroll down, to bypass, but discretion is advised)

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