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Fred Flintstone is on to Something…

Going Green with Fred Flintstone

I am a visual thinker.  Given the chance at a free association test, I’m your girl.  My mind makes all kinds of scenic pictures when given an anecdote or cheeky story.  Today, while listening to the mish-mash about off-shore drilling (you know, where we actually use our own oil rather than buying oil from nations who hate us.) I couldn’t help it.  Fred Flintstone™ suddenly popped into my complex and intellectual mind.  I know, I know, most of you probably think of random cartoon characters when contemplating this administration too.  But, I just try to envision what far left liberals think we are going to do when gas hits $5.00 plus/gallon at the pump. 

 And there he was: Fred. 

Remember his preferred method of transport?  That’s right, stinky, calloused feet.  A rousing, “YabadabaDOOO!” and away the Flintstone™ family flew.  Maybe Fred was onto something.  Was he “going green” or just going?

Most of us thought by now, we would have seen the suitcase, flying cars George Jetson™ caroused around in.  Nope.  How about the contraption built by the professor in Back to the Future?  Uh-uh.  We still have regular ol’ Fords®, GM®’s (Now Government Mangagement), and foreign jobbies to get us from A to B.  Rather than utilizing the oil that our own country produces, the far left is content to allow price gouging.  While jobs are scarce, unemployment is staggering, and the housing market is on a swift decline, liberals are content to use the environment as an excuse not to allow drilling on American soil.  Per barrel, oil is creeping ever closer to $100.  Our nation teeters upon a tightrope of balancing debt, unemployment, and foreclosure rates that could topple us faster than a deck of cards in a tornado. 

The fact is that we have enough oil here that could generate jobs, fuel production, lowering cost/barrel, and increased competition with international oil companies (many of whom, again, hate us).  However, once again, “team green” dominates the field, proclaiming the environment (all the little fishies, birdies, and posies) to be more vital than the American family.  Listen, there are plenty of checks and balances to put in place that would ensure the survival and protection of our planet (as much as us realists believe are possible, anyway).  And I know some of you environmentalists would love to throw out the British Petroleum® incident this past summer.  However, as usual, this was due to mismanagement, over-the-top, bureaucratic bologna that always dominates with big government.  And the British, for crying out loud… (Hey,easy. All in jest).

We all know that without the nod of Al Gore’s pretty little head, we will all die in a blaze of CFC toxins. 

I get that.

Despite overwhelming evidence that global warming is not the definitive monster that will take over our atmosphere and kill the polar bears (not to mention the poor Abominable Snowman), liberals maintain their white-knuckled, death grip on controlling everything that will influence the environment.  (And that includes sugar, Happy Meals™, and obesity. Sorry Ronald McDonald™.) 

So, once again, a clear cut, simple answer that meets a variety of national crises which will be dismissed in the name of Planet Green eggs and ham.



Flippin’ Doo.

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