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The Hypocrisy of “Hate-speech”

Free speech or hate speech? Depends who speaking...

So, Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart turned out their “Restore the Sanity” rally this last week.  I was bustin’ a gut!  Well, not at Colbert or Stewart, but the name of the rally!  HA! HA!  The IRONY of it all!  HA! HA!  I know, I know.  I should have a better sense of humor…who doesn’t love a good, sexually charged, offensive euphemism thrown around in description of their personal, political beliefs, right?  Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t that “hate speech?”

How many times could we count how often that’s been done from the left about a conservative, shall we?  Actually, I have plans this evening, so I’ll just highlight three conservatives who have been smeared in a vulgar, sexual overtone.

  •             Meg Whitman
  •             Christine O’Donnell
  •             Rand Paul

I can’t seem to think of ANY democrats who were attacked in this way.  How ironic?  And then to celebrate with the class act from Colbert and Stewart – it’s very clear that the left are taking this all very seriously

 What is amazing to me in all of this are the banshee shrieks that come from the left with all the “hate speech” legislation.  Slander (or merely point out a fact) anyone who is gay, of color, female, or illegal, and you are a hateful, bigoted, intolerant, insolent, close-minded nutcase.  But, where is the outrage when a conservative, white person is deliberately insulted? 

I encountered some of this recently in trying to have a civil, respectful discussion on Facebook.  The debate got heated and I tried to serve as a moderator.  Three out of the four parties involved were able to continue the discussion, even taking a breath, regrouping and apologizing for expressing views that were passionate, but assumptive as well.  The fourth party bowed out very early.  When I commented on an ad that this party placed on their own page, that was anti-conservative, and took several comments made by conservatives way out of context, I was immediately lambasted.  Through the “conversation” everything that I said was twisted in an attempt to make me out to be a close-minded, hateful person.  The final straw was when the “race card” came out.  When this person brought up the fact that they were a “person of color,” and therefore they knew all about race, politics, and culture (as I did not, apparently) I knew the conversation had veered totally off course and this was a person who was not interested in civil, genuine discussion.  I was (and am still) shocked.  What is so ironically funny is that this person and I grew up in, literally, the same neighborhood!  But, because I had a different color skin I was ignorant regarding any of these issues. 

Understand, we all have difficulties in life.  Heartache, depression, and turmoil in life are truly color-blind.  Black, white, purple, (even little green men I’d bet) face challenges in life.  I appreciate the fact that I have not walked in another person’s shoes, but not all people have walked in my size 8 1/2 ‘s either.  To assume that a person has had more trouble merely based on skin color is wildly racist!  Having these presumptions is unfair and does nothing to bridge any gaps in humanity.   We are the HUMAN race.  Skin color varies from person to person, not from people group to people group.  Our skin color is as different as our fingerprints. 

 Back to the point…The point is this:  “Hate speech” is only hate speech when the left deems it an appropriate term, in all other cases, they proudly proclaim their right to freedom of speech. 

 Interject label – hypocritical.

  1. David
    November 9, 2010 at 12:41 pm


    I am in complete agreement with your observations.

    The double standard of treatment of conservatives vs liberal loons, and the hypocrisy of the media is astounding.

    This behaviour of media and dumocrats is another reason the populace voted for real conservatives.

    Conservative women writers like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and Mona Charen are subjected to hate mail and expressions that are sexaully demeaning. If the authors of those statements was a consevative saying the same about a liberal such as Maureen Dowd, the MSM would be demanding that person be fired and considered for libel. This treatment of conservatives is wrong and an outrage!

    Conservatives have to stand up and point out such behavoir and expose hate speech from the libs. What is fair for the left should be fair for conservatives!

    BTW, found your site form a link at Dakotavoice.com. I will be back to read more of your wise expression of idea. Thank for shining the light of truth.

    • Order in the Quart!
      November 9, 2010 at 3:55 pm

      Thanks for visiting and commenting David! You are right! Its unbelievable how conservative women, in particular, are treated! Where are you from David?

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