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Joy Throws Another Tantrum

"Joy" Behar - Courtesy: Moonbattery.com

Once again, The View openly declares its “open mouth, insert foot” policy.  It’s not clear how Joy Behar escaped her nanny, but was in another all out tantrum that would put my kids to shame.  Sans her liberal cohort, Whoopi “walk out” Goldberg, she ranted and raved with the usual, “Rascist!” outcry in terrible-two response to Sharron Angle’s ad regarding immigration and Harry Reid.   (see the actual political ad below)

Now, I’m scratching my head faster than a dog with fleas just trying to figure out where that is racist and what deserved Behar’s response.  In case you missed it, she twice used  a word toward Angle that would make my female dog blush and referred to the ad as a “Hitler youth commercial,” saying that Angle is “a moron on top of being evil,” Finally she dared Angle to “do this ad in the South Bronx.”

 Ironically, the only thing that could be outright racist is Behar’s referral to the South Bronx!

In the midst of this venomous “view,” Behar proceded to inform the audience (all 4 of them) that Angle was “going to hell.”  Ooooh.  Ouch.  I’m sure Sharron’s crying herself to sleep tonight.  Being a self-proclaimed “agnostic” and tolerant of everyone, but Christians, Catholics, and devout Jews, I had no idea that Ms. Behar had any concept of hell.  Unless you count watching “The View,” but that’s not really theologically, nor biblically sound.  At least for us “evil” conservative Christians, that’s the closest we’ll ever get.

 Just recently Bill O’Reilly got a firsthand look at Joy (whose original name is “Josephina Victoria Occhiuto and I just wanna know who nicknamed her “joy?!”) and her thumb sucking tirade when she stomped off the set (literally).  Mr. O’Reilly requited the recent poll in which the overwhelming majority of Americans do not approve of the “Ground Zero” mosque and then he proceeded, when specifically asked, to give his opinion (gasp!) as to why that is.  In lieu of the nanny, Barbara Walters immediately scolded her children for the pouty behavior in front of their guest.  After a brief, self-induced time out, Whoopi and Joy reluctantly returned, while most of us groaned and threw a tantrum ourselves.   Does anyone really watch this trash anymore?  Is there really nothing else on?  The fact is that everytime Ms. Behar opens her mouth she gives more fuel toward raging fire in the defeat of the liberal left.  She’s nailing the coffin shut for the Dems.  Or didn’t you see the Fisher-Price® hammer behind her back?  Move over Handy Manny™.

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  1. Dave K
    October 27, 2010 at 1:49 am

    Joy Behart is into doing and saying whatever she thinks will give her publicity.

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