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Thus Saith King Obama

Courtesty: Townhall.com and Gary Varvel

So it seems that King Obama hath spoken once again.  This morning we heard his address on the immigration controversy surrounding Arizona.  I was astonished when he had the gall to state that immigration was of “a moral imperative.”  Really?  The American monarchy is now focused on morality? That shocks the mess out of me!  Nearly every member of the high and mighty’s guard has some shady, corrupt past or current radical agenda at hand, but apparently are now attempting to reach for sainthood.  Oh. Right, we are talking about the Chosen One, here. 

The situation with McChrystal looked more like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland.  You have Barack, The Queen of Hearts demanding, “Off with his head!!!” Don’t get me wrong McCrystal really looked bad on this deal, sort of the Mad Hatter chasing after a white rabbit.  It’s a dang shame the man couldn’t hold his integrity (and his tongue) and voice his frustration within the scope of professional, military cohesion.    Although, as I said, I can’t say that I blame the general’s demotion, I just seriously doubt it was “national security” that was the concern and not the King’s fragile pride.  King Obama would have no one shame him.

Segue into national security.

King Obama has now opened wide the door for attacks and threats at the border of our country.  Mark my words, the violence and illegal crossing will increase a hundred fold now that it is clear that we have a patsy in office who won’t even protect our own border states.  Wham! The King’s signet ring was set right into the wax, sealing the fate of the instability of the country line.  Good luck, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California!  May God be with you since no one in this administration is!  And honestly W. wasn’t much help either, huh?  If the King’s Court thinks that only impoverished Mexicans are illegally coming in….Wait!  That must be what they think!!  Hasn’t anyone told them that we are AT WAR?!  Oh, right.  That “War on Terror” thingie was decreed to be null and void.  There aren’t terrorists!  Oh, of course, unless you mean those pesky right-wing extremists. 

Lock your doors!  Board up the windows the conservatives are raving mad lunatics!  They’ve got legal, licensed guns and they’re toting Bibles, I tell you!!  It’s madness!  They pray before courthouse sessions and enforce the 10 commandments!  Run for your LIVES! They believe in the sanctity of life and protect the rights of unborn CHILDREN!  Oh, What will become of us!!

All Hail King Barack Hussein Obama

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