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God of History – God of the Ages (A Follow Up to “Is God Really ‘In Control?’”)

Little did I know that my last post, “Is God Really ‘In Control?’” would create a small firestorm.  While I greatly enjoy adding visual imagery with observations from scripture, it is not my intention to throw out loaded, controversial questions, merely for a shock and awe affect. My purpose in writing is to give God glory, to illuminate His nature or the solid truth in His word.  As I allow Him to change me, to refine me, I am compelled to share what He challenges me with, in relation to what I have previously written.  Remember:  I don’t have all the answers.  I am on a journey through this life and am merely willing to learn.  I never want to misrepresent or contradict the Bible. I am genuine in my beliefs that God is not a puppeteer, but I feel that I should add an addendum. 

My further thoughts on this topic resulted from studying the book of Daniel.  In a couple of hours it became amazingly apparent that God is in control in much bigger ways that I realized.  I haven’t denied God’s control, but I challenged how direct His intervention was.  How sad that even, try as I might, I limit Him, putting Him in a box wrapped in  pretty words.  I have previously stated,

“There are many times that He intervenes, gently to protect us.  I suppose that would merit the question as to why he doesn’t always.  I can’t answer that except to say that he isn’t a puppeteer.”

I even went as far as to state that other’s actions sometimes glean consequences that affect us, but what I failed to truly grasp is the unparalleled ability of God to use people or situations to train, bless, or even judge His people.  The Old Testament is full of scenarios where God raises up an empire of people who are corrupt to fulfill His purpose! 

It is an undeniable fact that God gave man free will and that He allows us choice.  However, our decisions have consequences.  Sometimes they are harsh, but sometimes we cannot see the consequences of our actions.  He doesn’t force us to do the right thing. Yet, God in His limitless grace knows what actions we will take.  And He can make a way for us in the wilderness of our indecision or the beaten path we have taken of our own accord.  He can take the mess we have made and make something amazing. What is tragic is that we forsake His best, the plan that He had if we simply would have surrendered to His will.  We settle for something less than the blessing that God had set out for us. 

 God is God.  He needs no approval.  He requires no permission to do whatever He wants.  He is unhindered.  Unbound.

He is the Great I AM

 He gives us free will. He isn’t a puppeteer. Nevertheless, He will do as He wishes.

 He does everything for the love of humanity. 

 He allows us to either: draw near to Him or refuse fellowship with Him and reap the consequences.

 However. He can use any situation, any group, anyone, anything to accomplish His purpose. 

 He is the God of history. 

 The God of all ages. 

 Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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