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An Ad of Inconvenience

Somber music and muted colors set the tone.  We are introduced to three women.  The first is wistful and worried.  The second, a mom, looks haggard and worn, pushing a stroller with an infant and grasping after an energetic toddler.  Finally, we see a young woman, pensive and concerned at a coffee shop.  We know nothing about any of them, but the tagline, giving us their name adding “is late.”  We are prompted to feel sorrow for them.  Finally, the narrator’s voice offers “help” from Marie Stopes International. 

“Who is Marie Stopes International?” A pro-abortion, UK-based group who operates in 17 countries.  One might say it’s the Planned Parenthood of the United Kingdom, although this organization, unlike Planned Parenthood claims to be a non-for-profit.  Even so, the disturbing fact is that abortion rakes in cash, dollars and pounds. “In the 2007–08 Annual Report, [Planned Parenthood] income totaled $374.7 million and miscellaneous operating revenues $68.9 million.” (Wikipedia, http://www.ask.com/wiki/Planned_Parenthood) Let me do the math for you on that one: That’s $443.6 million!  Marie Stopes International 2008 financial statement reports giving net income for the year of £11,209,000. (http://www.mariestopes.org/documents/publications/MSI-Financial-statements-2008.pdf­)  Again, let me save you time and plug-in the conversion.  £11,209,000 as of today, May 24, 2010 is the equivalent of $16,116,748.91. 

Here’s the ad:

 “Terminating unwanted pregnancies,” aka ending the life of a defenseless child, is a booming business that brings in millions.  Who wants the hassle and interruption of a baby when there are so many other things going on in life?  Big problem, easy solution.  While Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes cling, white-knuckled, to their claim that they are offering “options” to women, they sure aren’t complaining about the cash in hand. 

 Marie Stopes International (MSI) proclaims this on their website:

                      Our services in 2009 will prevent:

If you have a moment, read through that again.  Did you catch a couple of inconsistencies?  First, they claim to prevent 2.6 million unsafe abortions.  While it doesn’t go beyond my knowledge that they are speaking about the abortion procedure (as opposed to “wire hanger/back alley abortions), the term “safe” abortion would be laughable if it weren’t so cruel.  I believe that the point of an abortion, is to make an unsafe environment for the baby, expelling it from the mother’s body.  The second ridiculous notion in their goals for 2009 is that they will prevent 517,000 under-five and 372,000 infant mortalities, yet they boast 9.3 million intended baby mortalities…WHAT?!  That’s about the most absurd statement with the most blatantly obvious, true intentions!  Further, MSI states, “Marie Stopes International’s mission is to enable people to have children by choice not chance. The charity’s goal is the prevention of unwanted births.” (Emphasis added) (http://www.mariestopes.org/documents/publications/MSI-Financial-statements-2008.pdf) I guess at least their honest…

This whole advertisement got the wheels in my head turning and I envisioned another type of ad, one that pro-death advocates pass off, a situation that I have found myself, to a limited degree in, and one in which I have dear friends who have faced.  If I were to challenge this ad and create a counter-attack, it might look like this…

Her hands tremble as she waits.  Still dripping, she lays the plastic tube on the countertop and looks away.  Silently she prays, closing her eyes trying to patiently wait.  She folds her hands, wringing them while they shake.  After a couple of minutes, she sneaks a peek and closes her eyes again.  She looks again, picks up the test and drops her head.  The tears have long run dry.  Her shoulders droop another half an inch.  She sucks in a breath only to sigh as she meets her husband, who eagerly awaits her on the edge of the bed.  He takes one look at her and immediately knows how little hope there actually is.  The doctor has already told them, this is probably their last hope.  Her body can’t take much more and the bank account has withered under the pressure of enormous medical bills.  They put all their eggs in one basket, no pun intended or wanted.  This was it.  Their last shot at having a child of their own.  All of their friends are busy with their own beautiful, wide-eyed babies.  They really have little desire to go out.  Every visit to the store or dinner out is an emotional event, what with the surrounding couples, cooing over pink or blue donned car seats.  But, maybe, just maybe, there is a little one out there who needs them, just as much as they need him or her.  Maybe it’s true, that there is a bundle out there to fill their longing, empty arms….

(Cue narrator offering help…)

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