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Living in Jesus’ Shadow

If you live in the midwest right now, you probably are beyond annoyed with the  chill.  I cannot wait to throw open my windows and let the breeze through my house!  I love to sit outside and just enjoy the sun, basking in the heat (always with some sunscreen) and allowing it to warm me through.  Even more than this I love an amazing sunset.  The most brilliant colors, colors that have a million different hues are splashed across the sky, accentuated occasionally by clouds of all shapes.  So many times I look at a sunset only to have my breath completely taken away.  It’s almost as if there is an ocean of color simply for my viewing pleasure.  “Eye candy” could never better describes any object.  The sun is absolutely fascinating.  Scientists are amazed at the power and energy that a simple, enormous ball of gas emits.  It gives us light.  Heat. Power. It’s really no wonder that this one piece of creation is used over and over as a metaphor for God.  

So many people in our culture want to be famous.  Some for beauty, others for intellect, and still others for reasons, perhaps only known to themselves.  Why is this?  What merit does humanity have that causes his fellow-man to elevate him to a higher status?  Beauty is culturally founded.  Intellect is subjective.  So what causes man to pour so much energy in highlighting such temporary attributes?  He wants to be known.  Why?  We have a God-infused desire feel valued. But rather than looking to God and what He values, man looks to himself.  Instead of seeking to live like Jesus, man believes he is Jesus.  We see this even in the church.  You have Joe Schmoe who somehow thinks that he has all the answers.  See Joe isn’t one of those people, “those people” being the proud, judgemental types.  He has the right perspective, inside knowledge.  And what is more, Joe is so bitter about the people he terms, “self-righteous.” He doesn’t realize that he has become just as judgemental.  He has no grace, no tolerance for the proud.  So he is content in his misery, jaded by bitterness and fighting a battle with the same weapons that “they” use.  But, Philipians tells us that our attitude should be that of Christ Jesus.

 We need to take step back.  It should not be our faces that are illuminated by the sun.  Jesus is the perfect reflection of God.  It is not by our own merit that we are valued.  God loves us through Jesus.   If we would live in Jesus’ shadow, allowing the radiance of God to fully illuminate the qualities of Him, our world would be a much brighter place.  Our own shadows are so small compared to that of Christ, why not live in his?  Why not be so submissive to God that our only desire is to live in the shadow of Christ?  We don’t need to be known if we live in his shadow…

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