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Simply, thank you. – Recognizing Multiple Blessings.

My heart is so heavy for the people of Haiti.  Words cannot express how many of us hurt.  Each image.  Each video.  Each report brings pangs of sadness and want for action.  I don’t have answers.  All I know to do right now is pray.  Pray and pray some more.  Give whatever I can.  At this moment I want to reflect on simple things that Americans take for granted.  It’s a simple list, loaded with insurmountable, undeserved blessings.

I can walk to my sink and get fresh, clean water from the tap.  And simply because I am spoiled, I can buy even better tasting water.

My cabinets are stocked with food.  Anything I want.  When I need more, I can get in the car and drive less than half a mile to a grocery store.  I can trust that the food I buy is clean and will not make me sick.

I have medicine within arms reach.  I could walk to the hospital if needed.  If I can’t walk or drive, I grab a phone and call a national emergency line that dispatches help straight to my door.  If my children are sick, I make one call and can see a doctor immediately.  I really don’t even need to make a call.

I have plumbing that keeps our house clean and sanitary.  I can put disposable diapers on my babies, just to make life easier and cleaner.  I have a machine that cleans our clothes.  With really no effort, we always have fresh, dry clothes.

I own a 1400 sqft., 3 bedroom house that most of the world would think is a mansion.  I am protected from the cold, the rain, and the heat.  I have surroundings that protect my belongings from theft and keep my children safe.  I know the structure is sturdy and was well- built.  We have comfortable beds that allow us to sleep well.

I have access to media.  I can find out what is going on in my country and all over the world in seconds.  I can contact family members and friends immediately.

I can read.  I can write.  I can teach my kids.  I have schools with in a mile.  I can learn more whenever I want.

I have police that protect me.  I know that they are looking out for my best interest and to keep me safe.  I don’t have to wonder if they are the good guys or the bad guys.

If I don’t like something in my government.  I tell them.  I am allowed to express my opinion and tell my leaders when I disagree.

My husband has a business.  He has a job that he likes.  He is able to provide for our family when so many fathers do anything, waiting if they have to, because their is no work.  And because we are blessed with the income, I can stay home and be with my kids, which so many mothers would love to be able to do, but are unable.

I have several bibles.  I can receive spiritual counsel.  I have books. 

There are many more blessings.  I can’t even list them all.  When you see these horrible images, be thankful.  Give to others.  We have more than most of the world has.  I cannot figure out why.  It does seem so awfully unfair.  But, I trust God.  I thank God.

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