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Letter to my Senator. Please, write to yours!

We are writing to ask that you please start listening to your constituents.  The American people are tired of the spending that this administration is continuing.  We do NOT want this healthcare bill.  Being self-employed, we would like premiums to be lowered as we pay ridiculous amounts, but adding a public option and further allowing abortions to be funded, overtly or in some fine print is NOT acceptable.  We have lost faith in you as our senator, as you have floundered on many issues that are directly against what the greater American population is adamant about.  You claim to be a conservative democrat, yet you have over and over supported bills that give funding to abortions and abortion groups.  PLEASE stop this.  Our only judicial hope for healthcare, as residents of Indiana, is you.  I ask that you stay strong to your core values and the demands of the American people.  Please do not support this healthcare bill.  Please do NOT support this cap and trade bill, either.  We are tired of the underhanded, manipulative games that this administration, flanked by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, is playing.  Take a stand senator!

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