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One decision at a time…

I cry rarely.  I may have mentioned that before.  Its a huge annoyance to me because I feel very burdened for people and sometimes I wish I could better express that.  However, when I see another person cry, the emotion spilling over from their eyes, often I am moved to tears.  I recently saw a celebrity at this point. 

Yeah, celebrities…puh, actors, actresses they get what they deserve…or do they?  We reap what we sow, yes, but sometimes even people with good intentions for Christ become target practice for Satan and his regime.  Those in the spotlight are of particular interest to him.  I am posting this letter not to try and get some pat on the back, but so that others might feel led to pray for those in the limelight and so that we might examine our own, seemingly quiet, lives, so that we don’t suddenly realize the tangled web we have woven. 

Hello Kate (and Jon),

I wanted you to know that my heart has been very burdened for you.  I won’t pretend that I have any idea what you are going through.  We only have two similarities: faith and twins, the first being the most important.  I pray that this message truly reaches  you, I know that you have people tailgating you and demanding your time.  I also don’t pretend to impart some great amount of wisdom, but my prayer is that the God of this universe would speak to you through me. 

I have watched your show, hit or miss, these last few years.  Entertaining as that is, I recognize the fact that you are real people.  You both have been scrutinized, picked apart, used, exploited, and demanded.  While I wouldn’t say that I understand all the decisions that have been made, I also recognize the tremendous amount of pressure that you have been under.   I am praying for you both and your kids.  I pray that you come to the feet of Jesus.  He is the only one who will get you through this.  Neither wealth, fame, or fickle relationships will strengthen you.  I am for you.  God is for you.  While I am just a mom in Indiana and you have Hollywood at your heels, I pray that you find friendship.  True friendship.  Kate, I was so brokenhearted for you when you stated that you had no friends, that no friends wanted to be “part of this.”  A true friend sticks through the hard times.  So I pray God will send you a loyal, humble friend who can love and minister to you AND hold you accountable.  I assure you both that you will find neither in Hollywood.  I pray that you would have discernment to know who to truly trust and who to avoid.  Life is undoubtedly crazy for you, but I pray that there would be some opportunity to go as Elijah did, to a cleft in a rock and hear that still, small voice.  I know you both must crave peace and contentment.  I pray that you would have courage to make the sacrifices needed to get that quiet. 

Finally, you are NEVER beyond God’s grace.  I am convinced that if you allow Him, God will use you in a mighty way.  He did before 🙂  Jon, I was always encouraged to see T-shirts that reflected faith.  Whether or not that was a true reflection of your heart, matters not.  God can use even the most broken.  He CAN change this situation.  He allows us to walk where we wish, but He is always waiting with open arms.  I believe though that you should be prepared that when you come to the Lord and allow him to govern every aspect, the world will slowly lose interest.  (perhaps there are double benefits *smile*) I have no doubt that when you guys decided to do this show your intentions were sincere.  I believe that you probably even considered how you could be a witness for the Lord.  And THAT is what the devil hates.  You had a huge viewing opportunity and the devil decided to work overtime on your marriage and your lives.  He did it subtly, slowly.  It truly could have happened to anyone.  So don’t believe that you are particularly horrible people.  Our daily decisions determine our future paths and ALL believers must make those daily, committed decisions  in the small things, for the impact will be great. 

It is said that you must take it one day at a time.  Put one foot in front of the other.  Maybe.  But, I believe that it takes one decision for Christ.  And then the next decision.  And the next.  Until your faith is strengthened and can crawl.  Then another committed decision for Him.  Then another.  And then you can take those “one foot in front of the other” baby steps.  And perhaps you fall again.  You start again. Until one day you realize you are walking steadily able to look forward and KNOW where you are going, with God.  Oh you may not know what tomorrow holds, but you know Who does. 

May God bless you richly and strengthen you.  You are in my prayers and whether we ever meet,  you have a friend here.

In Christ’s love and care.

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