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Have you hugged your clergyman today?

So this is a little late.  If you hadn’t had your calendars marked, October was Clergy Appreciation Month.  But, here’s the thing:  Just in case you didn’t know, you can appreciate your pastor, preacher, priest, or other clergy labeled man or woman every day of the year!  Why might you want to do that?  Well, let me give you a brief list:

They put up with all your (and my) incessant requests.  That would be the main reason and fully deserving of an official, nationally recognized holiday.  (Perhaps a week or so would be in order for some of you, you know who you are…)

They perform weddings and funerals, dedications and baptisms.    They pour their hearts into their sermons and messages, only to see people nodding off or teenagers making out in the darkness of the auditorium (yes, it really happened and NO, of course, it wasn’t me!).  They visit hospitals and homes.  They contemplate budgets, wondering how they are ever going to pay even the electricity, let alone help those in need.  They meet with congregants, staff members, board members, district leaders, lay leaders, regional leaders, national leaders, missionaries, and international churches.  They pour their time into the needy, the greedy, the gossips, the adulterer, and the convict.  They love children, teens, adults, and senior citizens.  They sacrifice careers, wealth, time, sleep, and relaxation.  Their Bibles are weathered and worn from the hours they search scripture looking for more than their daily bread.  Their knees are calloused from time the spend in humility, speaking and listening to the Almighty.  They pray for illnesses, wayward family members, and lost jobs.  They discern how best to work through conflicts in the church.  They are criticized for the music style, the appropriate dress code, the sermon, the Bible he uses, the carpet color, and how he welcomes people on Sundays.  Though he has been stabbed in the back more times that should be humanly allowed he still allows himself to care and be vulnerable.  He leads.  He serves.  He worships.  He cries.  He prays.  He worries.  He loves.  He hurts.  He is your pastor.

Pray for him.  Call him.  Send him notes, thanking him for his service.  If you have a concern go to him, don’t spread it around the church.  Before you even go to him, pray.  Ask God if it is you that needs to change instead of your “concern”.  Remember that he needs friends, too.  Above all, don’t forget he is just a man too, a tool in God’s hand.

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