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Becoming Malleable – Part 2

Psalm 51:10

Create in me a pure heart, O God,
       and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

God:  Alpha, Omega. Beginning and End. Counselor. Divine. Everlasting. Father. Great I AM. Holy. Infinite. Just. King of kings. Lord of lords. Mighty. Name above all names. Omnipotent. Purifier.

Those are only a few of the many descriptions of God.  Last time I wrote about God as our Purifier, that which can purify us.  No matter our bruises, no matter our hurts, no matter.  He can purify us.  Purifying is more than just dusting off and setting up right again.  It’s more than just the rinsing off of our outer vessel.  Purification is the cleansing within, without, to the most seemingly unreachable areas of our souls. 

My dad is a big man.  I’m talkin’ 6’4″, Baloo the Bear lookin’.  You know what I’m talkin’ about.  If you’ve ever seen The Jungle Book, you’re probably familiar with Baloo’s frequent need to have his back scratched.  He simply pulls up a tree and works it ’til that itch is a-gone-r.  My dad used to do that.  Well, not quite, he never ripped up the trees, but he had this one corner in the house that he would get right up to, to scratch.  He looked just like Baloo.  Though he seemed to take care of that itch, that was so nearly impossible to reach without added assistance, it always came back. 

I guess for the Believer we could add “backscratcher” to God’s roles. (Wait, I’d better capitalize that..Backscratcher, ah better.)  We have a place that just seems to creep up on us.  It’s annoying, it’s there until we take care of it.  Many times it comes back.  We live in a tainted world, we are bound to end up with at least an itch, now and then.  As we discussed last time, purification is a process.  It’s not magic.  You don’t suddenly say the “sinner’s prayer” and then have a lifetime free from the scathing of this life.  But we can get to the place where we just need an occasional backscratch.  Many times though, it takes effort on our part to remove allergens.  What might those be?  Well, what do we feed ourselves?  Allergens are in food, in the air.  We are exposed to allergens daily.  It is our resistance that allows us to function normally without reaction to the allergens. 

We are surrounded by pollutants.  Some that we can’t directly control.  Television is full of toxicity to our soul.  You can’t go without seeing a commercial without being subjected to some soft-porn ad for fast food today.  Certain dramatic shows and sitcoms are laced with perversion and blatant disregard for morality. Yet…somehow…our radar for those things doesn’t register.  Shouldn’t alarms go off?  WARNING! WARNING!  What I am mentally digesting could cause a spiritual decline later!!  (Danger, Will Robinson!)  You watch that medical drama and instead of seeing a doctor heroically save his patient, he’s shacked up with the nurse in the next room and his wife is waiting for him at home.  Or remember Friends?  I know, many of you will think I am a radical for slamming our most beloved sitcom.  But, what is sad is that I rarely ever thought about the poison that spewed from those story lines.  Years later, I cringe.  Allergens.  How ’bout that music, you know that song with the crazy beat and the clever electro acoustics?  (“Wait, what did she just say?? Oh, nevermind, you can barely hear it, that beat is SICK!”) Or how about sharing that bit of juicy news about…you know who…and you know what with…Do you need the dirt on people?  Some of us might say, “oh, well, I just thought I’d share to pray for them.” Is that true?  Or is just sweet sugar with a sulfer-laced center? 

Our spiritual output is a direct result of our mental intake.  Let me repeat that for my own learning:  Our spiritual output is a direct result of our mental intake.   What goes in must come out.  If we regularly ingest the allergens that pollute this world, we will have a spiritual reaction.  But, you know, sometimes, we develop resistance to the allergens.  This can happen in two ways:  First, we are so polluted with them, we don’t notice the reaction or we don’t have a reaction, our bodies are numb to the effects.  Secondly, and hopefully this is the reason, we fill ourselves with Christ.  We become resistant to the pollutants, because we would rather have Jesus, than the hives that result from an overindulgence in the allergens of this world.  Now there are still things that we are going to be exposed to involuntarily.  Allergens in the air.  Not ingested, but we are exposed to nonetheless.  We continue to draw upon the Lord and ask for that occasional backscratch.  We could all take a personal inventory of our allergen report.

In His service,


  1. Order in the Quart!
    October 5, 2009 at 3:45 am

    Thanks Jim 🙂 I really appreciate that. It’s all about and for Christ.
    May God bless you,

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