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Where have I been???

It was brought to my attention last night that it had been awhile since I have blogged. Sorry. Since I last blogged I have written a 20page research paper, 3 or 4 six page papers, and taken care of 3 growing girls.

Well, I haven’t written anything political on here, so with all that’s going on, I thought I’d take a stab at that. But, holy crap, where do I begin? Our president has taken on the whole “Change” bit with such a swift and dizzying array of action, I am often left at a loss for words. So what has Washington been up to? (yeah, like you didn’t know)

What is absolutely mystifying to me is that this administration refuses to acknowledge the fact that the government controls more of this nation than ever before. Get real people. You now own major national banks, half of a car industry, and are currently in pursuit of nationalized health care. Seriously, you are trying to convince me that the government has no interest in becoming bigger? What’s next? The Gap? Hillary really could use a makeover.

Meanwhile, half the world done lost its mind. Let’s take for example Iran. Here we have democracy at its finest. No? Oh, well Mr. Obama seems to think it in our best interest to not interfere in their “democratic process.” Yes, clearly the Iranians voices are being heard. While they are protesting and demanding their vote actually be counted, Mahmoud Imanutjob is off gallivanting to Russia and other leaders of the world, masquerading as a “leader of the people.” What he is leading is an all out revolt. So let’s paint this pretty picture. We have a man who hates America who has forced his power upon people who are desperate for change. Has it not occurred to anyone else that this might ignite Mr. Mahmoud into high-gear psychovoltage in the production for nuclear weapons? If he knows that his power is threatened so much, he knows that his time is limited. For him its now or never to fulfill his “God given duty” to hasten the coming of the hidden Iman. And what does that involve? You guessed it! The annihilation of America! I’ll take full-throttle for the nuclear weapon production for $400, Alex.

In his infinite knowledge of world affairs and democratic pursuits Mr. B. Hussein O has called the Honduran coup “illegal.” There ya go genius! I have never in my life heard of a legal coup, in that the coup itself is a revolt against the law, thus “illegal.” Interestingly, although he has apologized for nearly every war, action, and deed of America, he feels it his mission to ensure the correct diplomatic and democratic process of the land here in good ol‘ Honduras. Forget the fact that the leader was a neo-fascist dictator. The will of the people doesn’t count, this is Chavez’s buddy! And we all know how much Obama wants to be a part of the modern rat pack! (Move over Sinatra!) Picture it: Obama takes the lead in “Come Fly with Me,” Chavez does PR, while Ahmadinejad plays bass. King Hussein can do back up vocals. No? oh snap…

Thanks for hangin‘ with me.

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