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Even better than waterwings

Oooh boy, this week has been trying. People are capable of anything when their lives are drifting aimlessly and without godly focus, I have learned that….its so hard to see people not only make incredibly foolish decisions, but see the ripple affects of their “personal” decisions rip into the hearts of those who love them.

Today, I took my kids swimming for the first time this summer. My twins were very small when I took them last summer, so I knew this would be the first “real” time. As usual, my expectation of each of their reactions was waaaayyy off. The one I thought would be nervous, loved it, the other was nervous and clingy…go figure. What is interesting though is that my twin who was very nervous clung to me at first began to relax after awhile, once she realized that I was not going to let her go. She nearly fell ASLEEP in my arms!! Now, realize they are 16mo – “on the go” doesn’t even begin to describe their energy! My other twin, who loved the water, suddenly got a little nervous, for only a moment, when she looked over the side of her float.

Isn’t that just like our relationship with God? Even to the point that it is comparable to Peter’s reaction to Jesus walking on water. (Matthew 14:22-36) Like my twin who loved the water, Peter is mesmerized at Jesus’ ability to walk on the water, he asks to join Jesus! But when he takes his eyes of Jesus (his floatation device) he immediately freaks out!

But, our reaction could also be like my twin who was afraid at first, God carries us and in the midst of our fears, we can relax and rest in His care, without a memory of what surrounds us.

Friends, Jesus is our only hope in a world that will consume and drown us. If we go out to sea without our safety, we may last for a very short while, but eventually we will tire and slip into the murky darkness. Listen, He says, “Take courage! It is I, Don’t be afraid.”

Be prepared, cling to Jesus, rest in His care….

  1. The Circuit Rider
    June 25, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    Resting in Jesus is definitly a daily thing, or we can slip away like being caught in a riptide.

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